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The number of ETAs Sixfold calculates per day has grown steadily to over 7M per day

Written by Taivo Käsper

Sixfold makes millions of ETA predictions daily (see graph above). We described the training of our arrival time prediction model (ML ETA) in our previous Machine Learning blog post. Here we will explain how we deploy trained model to the production and how we scale it.

DataLoader streamlines requests from multiple sources to batched database queries
DataLoaders are useful for batching all kinds of read/write operations to databases

Written by Henri Normak

In our previous posts, we’ve talked about improving performance by streamlining processing and by minimising the overhead in libraries such as node-postgres, this time, let’s dive deeper into how we’ve reduced our database queries (both read as well as writes) to a minimum.


The original concept…

Sixfold Tech Blog

Sixfold is Europe’s leading real-time transportation visibility platform, solving supply chain visibility challenges for the world’s biggest companies.

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